<aside> 📌 Raizer Bridge - An easy way to bridge cross-chain assets.


Raizer Bridge is a service belonging to Raizer, allows users to exchange Counterparty tokens to other EVM based chains as an ERC token and brings valuable assets.

User Guide

Swap Tokens to Binance Smart Chain Network from BTC Network

  1. Connect Wallet

Make sure to install your wallet extension before start. Choose the right address and network in the extension, then press Connect.

Binance Extension

Metamask Wallet

  1. Go to our official website to access Raizer Bridge.

  2. Click on “Connect Wallet”.

After connecting the wallet, your wallet address will be displayed at the top right of the webpage. In case that the wallet cannot be connected, please restart Chrome for the best experience.

And now you will be able to use the Raizer Bridge service.

  1. Choose “From” and “To” network types.